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Welcome to My Corner of The Internet!

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Confessions of a Mompreneur

Hello👋. Good morning or evening to all! Welcome to my corner of the internet. A place where I offload thoughts, advices, and share my stories and experiences with you all to learn and grow from together. Although I much prefer chatting in person, I want to better connect with others through writing. So let me start off by introducing myself.

My name is Eman. I am many things. First daughter of four, wife, mother, and businesswoman. I run a bookkeeping firm that supports service-based business owners to reclaim their sanity by handling all their bookkeeping needs so they can continue to do what they do best: Scale and grow!
Managing a company is hard work. Within all the chaos and pandemonium of running a business, financial records end up shoved in a storage locker to be dealt with later. And that's where my team and I make our entrance and save the day! We work with a range of businesses. From start-ups to $3 million-plus businesses across multiple industries. We help them get organized and understand their business’s financial metrics. Bookkeeping isn’t glamorous, but neither is losing money and time. While organizing company finances may seem hard enough, I attempt to gracefully balance business life with motherhood.
(But let's be honest, it's not always graceful 😅.)

My goal is to write about the struggles of being a mompreneur (#noshame#momsruntheworld✊), bookkeeping, accounting tips, and all things business growth strategy. I may sprinkle in a few topics here and there per the request of readers. I want this to be your new resource for getting your business finances back on track as well as a safe and trustworthy platform.

To get a bit personal, this past year has been difficult. Besides the pandemic, I have gone through PPD, experienced homelessness (I’m forever thankful for the friends and family who stepped in and helped us overcome this 🤲), and had an attempt on my family’s life!! And I mean that in the most literal way. Almost unknowingly suffocating from carbon monoxide poisoning was a frightening experience. Especially when our landlord knowingly neglected the issue and allowed the odorless, colorless, deathly gas to leak into our home for almost a year😨! Only by the mercy of God did we trust our instincts and always kept windows cracked open knowing something was very off with the air quality. I still have moments of disbelief. His negligence could have easily….. You get it. Everything really changed my perspective of things.

These experiences have made me extremely grateful to wake up every day. It has renewed my passion and dedication to supporting struggling business owners. So outside of the AWESOME experiences, my clients have working with my team, I plan on filling this blog with valuable resources and memorable experiences. This is my way of showing gratitude and helping others outside clients.

So please, kick back, relax, make yourself comfortable, and most importantly comment below! Feel free to DM me on Instagram with any questions, blog entry requests, or business advice. I am here for you😉. I am ready to see EVERYONE get their business back on track for 2022 and onward😁.

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