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What’s the big deal with QuickBooks?

Different Types and my Recommendations for Businesses

I like to think of QuickBooks as the central nervous system of a body, except for your business. It’s a robust software that houses invoicing, receipt management, reporting, job costing, and tracking capabilities. It allows YOU as a business owner to keep track of the amount flowing in and out of your business.

The interface is easy to follow, and honestly, the reporting abilities are the main reason I recommend QBO to all my clients.

Quickbooks has different types of subscriptions. Here are my recommendations for which businesses should use which subscription:

  1. Self-Employed: This is for owners who are strictly freelancers and don’t need invoicing capabilities, vendor management, or a custom chart of account. Great for side hustlers

  2. Simple Start: this is great for solo entrepreneurs with basic needs. Anything that tracks inventory or billable expenses cannot be done at this level.

  3. Essential: this has everything from the simple start subscription, including detailed report capabilities and creating recurring transactions automatically.

  4. Plus: this is the most popular option. It allows classes and location tracking for monitoring income and expenses by the class breakdown. (typically used for businesses with multiple departments)

  5. Advanced: allows unlimited chart of accounts, invoicing batch creation for multiple customers simultaneously, and includes a subscription to Fatham- a financial analysis software

Please take a look at the QuickBooks Subscription. They are always running promotions, so take advantage and get a reasonable price your first year.🙂

My team and I work exclusively with QuickBooks online supporting clients with setups, complicated clean-ups, and workflow consulting. Start Here to learn more, and if you want to leverage QuickBooks for your business, give us a call!📞

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