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The Positive Effects of COVID on Businesses

What could be the silver lining to the past two years🤔?

The title of this entry might be confusing to you. You may be wondering what could be the silver lining to the past two years🤔? Many of the obstacles we had to overcome gave way to new creative ways for businesses to expand their reach in communication and learn to adapt to the new norm. Here are a few positives I found uplifting about the pandemic that helped me keep a positive mindset.

Digital Access

While digital software and applications may have seemed like a temporary solution, they have transcended into daily tools we adopted into our businesses even after the pandemic subsided.

Adobe Acrobat is a software that really changed the game for many businesses. The software allows you to view, create, and manipulate portable documents. Adobe Acrobat Pro enables you to make a pdf document and turn it fillable in a few easy steps.

  1. Upload your document/form to Adobe Acrobat Pro

  2. Click More Tools and select Prepare Form

  3. Adobe will automatically fill in where it thinks is an appropriate place for text to be

You can make drop-down boxes, checkmarks, and even signature lines. And once you save the document, it becomes fillable, and now your client can use it as they need.

If this is something you know will help you with documents and contracts, make sure to check it out here!

Working from home

Another BIG perk of the pandemic is a pretty obvious one… WORKING FROM HOME😇!! Everyone can agree with me on that, especially the momtrepreneurs out there. Being a mom is a full-time job. You work round-the-clock hours without breaks, sick days, or vacation. Working from home means, I can keep an eye on my daughter and be present in her life while still productively running my business.

Expanding Our Brand

I know businesses and owners have taken this opportunity to increase their reach with their businesses. Many up-and-coming companies seized the opportunity and advertised their brands to further audiences instead of remaining local. Working with companies in DC and New York without needing to travel back and forth all the time is a blessing. Many businesses have gotten the opportunity to expand their brand to a national and even an international level.

The pandemic has definitely changed the business world almost entirely. People are still bouncing back and trying to get back on track with the success of their businesses while reorganizing their finances and books. We are always here to help if you need a boost or a jumpstart. Our Free Bookkeeping Guide is an excellent place to start if you want to sort through your books that may have been falling behind. Make sure to leave a comment, suggestion, or any questions you may have. And as always, make sure to follow me on Instagram and check out the website for more information.

Until next time friends!!

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