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QuickBooks Hack #3

Guess who's back with another amazing QuickBooks Hack😊!?

This time, we're going to look at a simple but great way to prevent customer duplication in your QuickBooks. Let's dive right in, shall we:

You always want to be careful of duplicating customers in QuickBooks. We all know the chaos that will cause. Putting half the information in one profile and half in the duplicated one. Questioning which one is the original profile and which one is the imposter trying to mess up your books👹. You end up just pointing the cursor-shaped gun at both, exiling them to the trash, and creating a new profile from scratch. Well, this doesn't have to be a problem for you if you keep in mind these three key steps:

  • Name your clients the same way, EVERY TIME!!!

You ALWAYS want to record your clients using the same name. If you have them entered by their name, you have it written as that at all times. Alternating between their name and their company name can be a reason why you confuse them as two separate profiles.

  • Fill in the Boxes

When creating a new customer profile, you want to take the time out to fill in all the boxes. So if you decide to recognize the client by the business's name, fill in your contact name to have all the information. You can also use the note section for net30/net60 reminders.

  • Audit Client List Every Quarter

Auditing your client list quarterly helps update any contact information and new email addresses and inactivate former clients. Incorporating this into your quarterly list can help avoid accidentally invoicing the wrong clients.

That doesn't seem like much, right? Incorporating these steps into your schedule will be a great way to keep track of your client's profiles and never miss any updates or changes needed. Perfect! Now you are all set! Stay tuned for the quick books hack; just a little sneak peek, we'll be going through Use Match Option when Invoicing. See you next time😉.

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