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QuickBooks Hack #2

Auto-Add with Rule setup

Let's continue with our QuickBooks Hack Series. Today's Hack: Auto-Add with Rule set up. Although this feature may seem like a significant time saver, it can wreak havoc on your accounts if not used correctly. I'll backtrack a little bit to give you the bigger picture.

The Auto-Add feature saves you time by setting up an automatic categorization system of regular recurring transactions. That way, you are not going out of your way to manually make all the necessary monthly payments. Convenient, isn't it? NOOOO. Not all the time.

There are many ways this feature can sneak up on you and mess up your entire system. This Auto Add feature works with SOME transactions. Usually, the ones you are 1000% sure will remain the same. Does not work so well for other transactions that need your direct approval. Regardless, checking and rechecking every transaction line before accepting them is essential.

Here's where the hack comes into play. A better and more efficient way of using this feature is to set up the rules WITHOUT auto-add. It may seem like that would defeat the purpose of the feature, but trust me, this is ultimately the easiest way of taking advantage of the feature without messing up with your books. All you have to do is toggle off the Auto-add option on the bottom left corner of the assigned rule before you hit Save.

Turning off the auto-add feature allows the transaction to be categorized as coming in from your bank feed but will still wait for you to revise and accept the transaction. In essence, you are using the categorization feature to organize your transaction to make things easier while still double-checking to ensure the transaction is correct and ready to be processed!

Pretty simple, isn't it? If there are transactions in your books that don't make sense, this may be the reason why. If it is and you've reached that "OHHH, THAT'S WHYYYY" moment.. you're welcome 😉. That's what we are here for! To show you how to do things better and help you figure out when there's something wrong that you can't seem to put your finger on.

Well, there you have it. Another QBO hack you can use (or if you're already using it, use it correctly). Make sure to stay tuned for new posts on the series. See you next time.

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