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QuickBooks Diagnostic by a Professional

Are you ready to start the path to a centralized, accurate bookkeeping system?

Right now, you are feeling the pressure of half the year passing and your finances are still messy. It can be stressful especially when you aren’t well versed in QuickBooks.

You are also feeling nervous at the idea of finding the right bookkeeper that aligns with you and the goals of your business.

Sounds about right? I hear you, that’s why we came up with this affordable offer for you. I want to be a hand in helping all businesses, YOU, kick start your bookkeeping system.

I see you understand the importance of it in order to grow and scale your business strategically.
Plus, if you’ve just hit the 6-Figure mark, or are right around it now is crunch time for you. The financial insight you can gain from a proper system can be the difference between success and failure.

So we put together a QuickBooks Diagnostic. For $99, we dive into the last 12 months of your books and:

1. Assess your:

  • Chart of Accounts

  • Balance Sheet

  • Undeposited Funds

  • Invoicing Setup

  • Bank Feed Connections

  • And more!😄

2. Create a Detailed Report

We outline our findings in a report with suggestions on how to correct each area of concern. You can use it as a guide to work through it yourself or have us do it!

This has a total value of $300, but we want to make it accessible to everyone. And yes, I see you flexing that $300 is nothing for such a full-value offering. 😏 We want to make the decision to jump your bookkeeping journey all that much easier, especially doing it with us.

This is our chance to court you! By offering this to you, it’s our chance to showcase how we can help you grow and scale your business through the power of financial management and insight.

You get to walk away not only with a report, but:
  1. Peace of Mind knowing a professional has assessed your system

  2. Clear and precise next steps for correcting your QBO account

  3. Gifting yourself the pathway to an easy and organized tax season.

Just for $99. That’s it. This offer is limited, so make sure to take advantage of it.

Our clients are grateful they did and I know you will be too! Check out what they’ve said about working with us:

Take this logical step and stop worrying over your books. We can help you lay everything out and figure it out together👍🏾.

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