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QBO $99- The Real Deal

Tax season is knocking at your door, and you have a complete MELTDOWN?

Don't let this scenario scare you!

Take a minute to picture this. You're proud of how well your business is flourishing. You are looking at how much improvement you have made this year and are excited about what is yet to come. Things are starting to move fast. You get caught up in all the excitement that your books are the last thing you are thinking about. You lose sight of things, and in an instant, tax season is knocking at your door, and at that moment, you have a complete MELTDOWN.

Does that scenario sound familiar to you? If it does (or even if it doesn't 😉), let me suggest to you our QuickBooks 99 deal and its benefits.

We have discussed the cool features we provide with Quickbooks 99, but we never went into depth about the benefits. In essence, QBO 99 is a way for our team to get to know yours and vice versa. Think of it as one of those trials you sign up for before committing.

Another significant benefit is the final results. We all like to see results. That's how we determine if we're putting money in the right places. With QBO 99, the results are almost immediate:

  1. You sleep better knowing your books are in good care

  2. You have a clear path paved towards more organized and legible books

  3. You know where the tweaks and changes need to be made to prepare you for tax season

Not only do you get a clear understanding of your books, but you get clear steps on how to move forward. After that, if you like what you see and want to pursue a long-term accord with us, Great! On the other hand, if you feel like you got it and want to continue with your team with the information you acquired, we are glad we could help!

Next time, I'll give you guys a quick sneak peek at our different testimonials and reviews to give you another perspective of how our services changed the game for some businesses.

As always, like, comment, and follow me on Instagram. Until next time😊

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