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Mompreneurs: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Shout out to all the mompreneurs crushing it out there

I'm gonna turn on the faucet and let this tap run guys. Being a mom and a business owner can be hard sometimes. You find yourself guiltily asking: "Am I good enough"? A good enough mom, wife, business owner even. You start drowning in a sea of doubts. And we certainly can't forget the nay-sayers and guilt trippers that shake their fingers because god forbid you to dare to dream of having the best-of-both-worlds…. Ooofff, triggering.🤯

Even on the bad days, having an identity outside of being a mom is very fulfilling. And we all know what goes on behind the scenes: toddler meltdown, shut off laptop mid-meeting, ruining your calendar, eating paper behind your back, lipstick, and sunscreen in her hair… I can go on😖. It's a rewarding feeling that is very hard to come by.

Don't take it the wrong way; the best job in the world is being a mom, but it's lonely, and sometimes you miss non-mom life. For me, this is a happy medium between the two worlds.

Shout out to all the mompreneurs crushing it out there. I'm right next to you, managing a Six-Figure business, being a mom, wife, AND student🎓. My takeaway from this experience: you can't survive without surrounding yourself with a solid support system in your personal and professional life

I'm blessed to have an incredible team here at Your Virtual Keeper. They make it easy for me to balance the two worlds and help me provide you with the best client experience possible.

It's surprising how little people can relate to what it means to be a successful business owner and a present mom in their child's life. In light of this struggle, I have structured my service with that mompreneur mindset, highlighting the need for maximum efficiency.

That way, you are getting the best, mom or not. Our white-glove service means once you give us access to the necessary documents- that's it!

We take it upon ourselves to deep dive and learn your books. We ask the right questions at the beginning, follow our 10-step setup/clean-up process, and get things done on time.

If you are a successful, Six-Figure Mompreneur, I am the bookkeeper you want. I've been in your shoes and know how to suggest systems that complement our lifestyle. I have a great low-cost, high-value offer that lets us get to know each other and see if we align.

Check it out here!

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