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4 Main Reasons You Need a Bookkeeper

Whether you need help with your bookkeeping or you just need to polish up your DIY skills, there are some very good reasons why you should still consider hiring a bookkeeper.

How often do you check your business finances? What about running financial reports to analyze your product and service’s profitability.

Are you constantly worried about cash flow and end-of-month expenses?

Is your business growing but you're struggling to navigate QuickBooks?

These are signs it’s time for you to work with a bookkeeper, specifically me!

If your answers to the above questions weren’t enough, here are four reasons why you want to work with me:

Peace of Mind (we are the experts):

Being a business owner means being a jack of all trades, but the most sensitive aspects of your business should be handled by experts. Our team breathes financial reports, Quickbooks troubleshooting, and critical metrics breakdowns daily. Utilizing our skills and experience means you're not wasting your time in an area that requires close details. Because let’s face it, your current system isn’t where it needs to be due to limited time.

So let us worry about categorizing, reconciling, and running your financial statements.

Clarity in your business.

Bookkeeping for us is more than just recording and reconciling transactions. The most valuable asset our clients gain is our monthly key metrics highlights.

Every month, we generate financial statements and highlight trends we find. If we find anything abnormal, we spot it right away. Having real-time data to evaluate helps you understand your cash flow.

In addition to that, we sit down with our clients every quarter and help them connect their business's financials to the bigger picture. We discuss any investments they want to make, the ramifications of certain offers they currently have, and reasonable next steps.

Support of a team without the expense of a team

You are a boss solopreneur running your business. Business is booming, which means you need to start transitioning into hiring key team members to keep growing.

Working with us means you get a three-level bookkeeping system: Three individuals that work and audit your books, ensuring the highest level of accuracy.

Imagine your first hire is outsourcing your bookkeeping to us! You are now confident in any business steps because you have us backing you up with your financial statistics.

We are your strategic partner.

I want to stress this point HARD. Our clients lean on us to give them a detailed look into their business.

We help them evaluate whether working with a customer is worth their time.

We help them understand their landed cost of products.

We help them discover fraudulent charges when they have hundreds of transactions.

We help them clean up and organize three years of data in a month.

We serve you by being an extension of you. The extension solely focuses on the $$ of your business.

We have a great offer that allows you to get to know us without committing too much time and resources. It’s value-packed, and we guarantee it is the kick-start you need for a proper bookkeeping system. Start Here with us to begin revamping your bookkeeping system with our team of experts! Once you are ready to get started, check out

Already a part of our team? Check out our Google Reviews and pitch in a comment or two about your experience. We love to hear about your experience with us as well as suggestions and feedback.Make sure to leave a comment below and follow me on instagram.😉

Until we meet again!

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