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Start improving your bookkeeping system by having a professional come in and take a peek at what's going on.

QuickBooks Diagnostics


by  professional
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Quite often business owners wear many hats and a lot of times administrative tasks, like bookkeeping, get rushed, delayed, or not done at all.

We get it!

You are feeling stressed about how to go about finding a bookkeeper that aligns with your business needs.


  • Solopreneurs whose business exploded and didn’t have time to properly set up their QuickBooks

  • Six-Figure businesses who desire to maximize and centralize their bookkeeping system for easy financial insight

  • CEOs who want to work with a bookkeeper- haven’t yet- and are looking for a great way to assess compatibility 

  • Owners who just want their dang QuickBooks to work properly to avoid a painful tax season

Here is our work process

We go in and assess your:

• Chart of Accounts

• Balance Sheet

• Undeposited Funds

• Invoicing Setup

• Bank Feed Connections

• And more!

Detailed Report

  Once completed, we outline our findings in a report with suggestions on how to correct each area of concern. You can use it as a guide to work through it yourself or have us do it!  

The Best Part!
If you choose to work with us, this fee will be credited towards your clean-up.
A definite win-win!




  • Peace of mind knowing a professional has assessed your system

  • Clear and precise next steps for correcting your QuickBooks account

  • Gifting yourself the pathway to an easy and organized tax season


Because we love supporting business owners, we're offering this price for a limited time

Not only do you benefit from receiving an outlined-next-steps guide, but you also get the opportunity to see how you can utilize my skill and expertise for your business.

A courtship, I do declare!


I strongly recommend Eman and her team. They are very thorough and it's clear that they're always looking out for your best interest.

Your Virtual Keeper has helped our business tremendously, especially by providing us the clarity we needed when it came down to the numbers. If your company is looking for trustworthy bookkeeping help, I wouldn't hesitate to hire

Your Virtual Keeper.

I have already started referring friends and family.

Ali D.



I want to take this opportunity to thank Eman of Virtual Keeper- Certified Bookkeepers.

She and her team were very instrumental in my company’s financial bookkeeping.

Her rates are very reasonable, and she is very easy to work with.

You can count on her team to provide the best booking services for your business needs.

Lamar W.

4 Reasons Why You Should Work With Us


Peace of Mind

(we are the experts)

Our team breathes financial reports, Quickbooks troubleshooting, and key metrics breakdowns daily. 
Utilizing our skills and experience means you're not wasting your time in an area that requires close details. 
Because let’s face it, your current system isn’t where it needs to be due to limited time.


Clarity in your business

Bookkeeping for us is more than just recording and reconciling transactions. The biggest piece of value our clients gain is our monthly key metrics highlights.


Every month, we generate financial statements and highlight trends we find. Having real-time data to evaluate helps you understand your cash flow.

Every quarter we sit down with our clients and we help them connect their financials to the big picture.


Support of a team without the expense of a team

Working with us means you get a 3-level bookkeeping system- that’s 3 individuals that work and audit your books ensuring the highest level of accuracy.


Imagine your first hire is outsourcing your bookkeeping to us! You are now certain in any business steps because you have us backing you up with your financial statistics.


we are your strategy partner

We help you evaluate whether working with a customer is worth their time.

We help you understand their landed cost of products.

We help you discover fraudulent charges when they have 100s of transactions.

We help you clean up and organize 3 years of data in a month’s time.

We serve you by being an extension of you. The extension solely focuses on the $$ of your business.

4 Reasons Why a Small Business Fails

Here is why you need proper bookkeeping. These are the common way businesses fail, and it can all be avoided by working with us to set up a strong system.

1. Improper Business Setup

No business checking out, no concrete way to collect payments from clients, and lack of basic systems like handling leads/ orders all contribute to small businesses failing.

You have to make sure with all the excitement and passion, that your business foundation is set up so that as they grow and hit milestones- it doesn’t come crashing down because something was missed.

2. Not Tracking Income and Expenses

This has to be the BIGGEST reason any business fails. Not knowing how much money comes into the business and what your expenses are going out can cause major cash flow issues. Not to mention, you most likely aren’t keeping records for tax purposes.

Just knowing these numbers, you can evaluate how profitable a product/service is, what you may owe for taxes, and how much you can invest toward growth.

3. Investment Without Limits

You are ready to jump all in. You want all the tech, the branded website, coaching sessions, and courses.

But when business investments aren’t spaced out and carefully considered against the financials, many owners find they bite more than they can chew.

Take your time to learn and grow your business. Learn how cash flows in and out, peak income and expense seasons,

AND then make educated decisions on what to invest in

4. Not Investing Enough

The opposite end of investing too much is being afraid to invest at all.

Your business is growing and continuing to handle everything by yourself isn’t practical. You can’t scale properly and will burn out.

Understanding how much money you have left after expenses is how you know what you can afford to invest in

Founder & Head Bookkeeper here at Your Virtual Keeper

Hey There- I'm Eman

Image by Sabrina
I understand how hard it is to get your business organized. Especially if your business fell into your lap, the scramble to get yourself situated is all too familiar to me. 
My first-hand experience comes from managing my family's businesses over the years. From general contracting to importing, everything boils down to this- you have to know your numbers in order to succeed.

My mission is to help overwhelmed business owners like yourself, regain control of their business by creating a custom bookkeeping system suited for your needs. 
Some of my favorite client success stories come from the excitement they get when we get their books in order and they discover areas of growth just waiting for them.

Your success is my success, so let's work together and get you on the road to a better bookkeeping system.  



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